Video walls


A video wall is a system of video display devices that are interconnected and form a single screen that allows reproducing large amounts of information from different sources. Thanks to the Digital Signage system, content management is carried out remotely, which allows operative management of information. It is a powerful marketing tool for attracting customers and maintaining the company's image.

LED video walls

They represent a single multi-screen, consisting of several video modules. Modular principle allows you to create video walls of any size in accordance with the project. This solution is optimal for street placement, since the brightness and clarity of the image is visible from any distance. Another important advantage of LED video walls is their unique flexibility, this is particularly important in case of complex building or room constructions where it is planned to be located.

Video walls from professional LCD panels

The video wall consists of professional LCD panels with high-resolution video, as well as built-in software. Ideal for indoor placement. Thanks to modern solutions, the video wall can be made interactive. They are popular in creating video-screens.

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Video walls
Video walls
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