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The mechanics of Lift&Learn has caused a lot of excitement among marketers and manufacturers in the retail sector. By involving the buyer in the process of studying the goods, this technology serves as a communication tool, takin communication with the client of the store to a new level.


How it works?


A distance, weight or some other sensor is attached to the bottom of the object (it can be shoes, a smartphone, a bottle of wine). A digital display is nearby. When the buyer raises the goods and takes them in hand, information about it immediately appears on the screen. How much does this product cost? Is it available? Does it come in other colors? What other customers think about it? For each of these questions, the client receives an accurate, immediate response on the screen. In addition, mechanics can be used to compare two objects by their properties - so that a person holds two goods in each hand and focuses on the choice between them, rather than on further searches.



The results of using Lift & Learn-technology are the indicators that marketers and retailers have been waiting for:


  • Increasing customer loyalty - a portrait of a modern buyer looks like this: a person who, with a minimum of free time, searches for the fastest and most affordable ways of acquiring the product of interest. Lift & Learn allows him/her to find out all the information about the product, without spending time on communicating with the consultant and searching for information in a mobile application or the Internet.
  • Increase in the average check - according to CSG International Corporation’s statistics - the more the customer knows about the product, the more likely the product will be in the basket.
  • Positive experience of interaction - buyers receive positive emotions by interacting with new technologies. While the mechanic of Lift & Learn is unaccustomed and innovative, most users will be happy to tell their friends and acquaintances about the new experience of interaction, which in turn will attract new visitors.

The use of innovative technologies allows brands to assert their image in the sales market. Surprising their customers with new approaches, retailers give the visitor of the store a pleasant experience: the buyer made a choice himself, without obsessive brand advertising and advice from sales consultants. This means that he/she will necessarily return to where the purchase takes place at the most comfortable level for him.

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Lift & Learn
Lift & Learn
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