Information kiosks


Touch information kiosk (rack or terminal) - is a modern device with a touch screen and special software designed to provide access to information in an intuitive form without involving maintenance personnel.


Typically, installed in public places with large traffic like in airports and train stations, in shopping malls, banks, museums and hotels.


Often equipped with anti-vandal casing with impact-resistant glass of the screen, which allows maximizing the lifespan and ensure the safety of data and installed software.


It can be manufactured according to individual design, as well as equipped with additional equipment: bill acceptor, fiscal registrar, USB ports, audio system, camera, thermal printer, additional monitor, barcode scanner, RFID receiver, NFC and other equipment.


Floor sensor kiosks


Thanks to the autonomous independent design can be installed anywhere, either individually or in a group, to allow simultaneous servicing of multiple visitors. This is a noticeable and functional option. It can be equipped with all the necessary additional equipment, depending on the tasks assigned and the choice of the housing version of the information kiosk.


Wall info booths


Wall-mounted sensor kiosks and terminals are mounted on the wall, so they occupy a minimum of useful space, and various versions of external design allow them to be organically integrated into any interior. They can also be equipped with additional equipment: a thermal printer, a barcode scanner, a magnetic card reader, a camera, depending on the tasks assigned.


Desktop Information Kiosks


Thanks to desktop installation, you can arrange a comfortable place to work with the terminal, which can optionally be equipped with the necessary additional equipment.

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Information kiosks
Information kiosks
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