One of the priorities of any hotel is the creation of a full-fledged information space for guests. The latest news, information for tourists, special offers for a restaurant or room fund, availability schedule of conference rooms and advertising. This and much more must be fully available to the attention of the guest at that time and in the place where he/she wants and ready to see it. The Addreality platform was created to simplify the solution of this problem as much as possible. Whether it's a digital photo frame in the room or a video wall at the reception desk - daily management of them can surprise with its simplicity and efficiency of everyone.




Opportunities and benefits of using:




  • Prompt information for guests about special offers of the hotel or restaurant.


  • The ability to send individual messages to each guest using a network of screens located directly in the rooms.


  • The possibility of interactive communication with guests through the use of touch screens and HTML5 content (in-room orders, requests for additional services, feedback).


  • Receiving additional income through the sale of space and time for advertising content.

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